Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ESPIS for First Page Ranking/External SEO in the Bay Area by Tim Khan

What is External SEO and how does it differ from regular SEO? External search engine optimization (ESEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of targeted web traffic to a web site from search engines by "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Differentiating from traditional search engine optimization, ESEO works outside of the destination website by distributing multi formatted content with a single brand throughout the internet. Formats can include blogs, ezine articles, web site, video clips, podcasts, blogcasts, social networks, bookmarks and directories. The accumulated cloud of single branded relevant information is recognized by the search engines as being generated by and/or associated with that single brand. The cloud of information supports the brand from more than one source thereby quickening ranking process. As with SEO, ranking is based on the keywords imbedded within the titles, descriptions, body and footnotes of the content. ESCO relies on two simultaneous strategies to create targeted traffic to a website. First strategy is extensive keyword research. The practice used to identify the actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search. In general, the more extensive the research, the more successful the ESEO campaign. Second strategy is the cloud effect of distributed content over the internet. Providing good pertinent information to multiple venues and formats creates credibility to your target audience. Backlinking and bookmarking the published content ties the brand together and creates ranking value to the search engines. External Search Engine Optimization does not replace traditional search engine optimization. ESEO is another Internet Marketing strategy that should be employed to achieve first page search engine ranking. A well developed ESEO campaign will yield first page results for properly selected keywords with a matter of hours or days, whereas traditional SCO can take weeks and even months to achieve results. Staying power of ESEO ranking is determined by the popularity of the individual content elements within the “cloud�. Example: As a video ranked on the first page on a search engine increases in views at the hosting site, the search engine sees the popularity of that content increase, thereby sustaining the ranking. See search term “San Diego Trial Attorney� Google search result “John Gomez� publish date.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dynamics GP Guru Series: Great Plains Reporting Tools by Andrew Karasev

If you are trying to make your homework and prepare on Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise, reporting options - we are happy to offer you this small publication. In general, you should use the tool, which fits the best to your Report specifications and especially report type: financial reporting, managerial reporting and industry compliance reporting. We will review each tool in brief and you should decide if you need additional exposure to the tool of choice, prior to calling your Dynamics GP Consultant:

1. FRx Financial Reporting: Balance Sheet, P&L, Statement of Cash Flow, as well as consolidated versions of these reports should be considered in FRx. In Great Plains you also have quick financials and advanced financial reporting, however FRx is a way more advanced and it allows you consolidate by Reporting Tree and drill down to transactions. Just one additional argument - if you think that all reports could be designed in Crystal Reports - you are theoretically correct, however in this case you would code in SQL View or Stored Procedure connection to your General Ledger tables: GL00100, GL10000, GL20000, GL30000, etc. This is exactly where the value of FRx is - this work is already done in FRx and all you need to do is to design Row Format, Column Layout, and optionally Reporting Tree. FRx works with Budgets, provides comparison to previous year, has multicurrency functionality, allows links to Excel external worksheets (in Excel in complex cases you could pull info from heterogeneous cross-platform databases: Oracle, MS Access, MySQL - to provide consolidation for entire corporation, if required)

2. GP ReportWriter. Here you have reports, called naturally from Great Plains user interface - good example is Sales Order Processing Blank Invoice Form. You naturally modify this report in RW. Dynamics GP Report Writer gives you reasonable set of Managerial Reports: AR or AP Aging, GL Trial Balance, Fixed Assets Register, Customer Statement, Collection Letters with some restrictions to MS Word, Sales Commission Report

3. Industry Compliance reporting. Good example here is Bill of Lading - you could decide to do it directly in Report Writer, or switch to Crystal Reports. If your version of BOL requires intermediate calculations, please consider Great Plains Dexterity custom add-on, where these calculations could be carried out, or with some restrictions calculations could be done in SQL Stored Procedure (and you can base either Crystal Report or Dexterity custom report on this SP)

4. SSRS. Besides SQL Server Reporting Services templates, please consider custom reports. In our opinion the advantage toward CR is Web Based reporting. For the other aspects this tool is very similar to Crystal Reports, Excel Reporting or Microsoft Access Reporting

5. Feel free to call us: 1-866-528-0577,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Discover How to Become a Better WOW Player By Using the World of Warcraft Armory

When you need information to help with strategy and game play, the World of Warcraft armory is the place to look. It is a massive database of information about all aspects of the game, from characters and talents to guilds and items.

You can locate all the resources you need to learn more about game elements that can enhance and improve your playing skills. All the content on this site is pulled directly from the game site itself, making it the most relevant place to see statistics and find out about recommended upgrades to character items.

The well-designed interface at the World of Warcraft armory makes it ridiculously simple to get basic stats on any character, including their strengths, talents and in the case of the Warlocks, the types of spells they can cast and how devastating they can be. There's never been an easier way to compare characters and skill-sets.

You can use the drop-down menus on the main page to get started, or enter a search term to find something specific to your needs. Use the site when deciding on the main character you will choose for your journey into World of Warcraft. Quickly view the talents of the different characters and how they can benefit you in the game.

Don't miss the tips provided to help you in making your choices of character, race, and profession.

A great place to start after choosing your character is with the World Map where you can orient yourself to the different locations within the game. Studying these now will save you time, and perhaps your character's life, because you will know exactly where to go next.

Don't miss the dungeon tips that are provided in a drop-down menu. It reveals pertinent information that you need to know and items you need to have before venturing into the dungeons. For instance, you will want to take along an expert who knows the dungeons well and that you backup equipment in case your item fails.

Another great tip you'll find with the pages of the World of Warcraft armory is to check all the talents in your chosen class before making your decision. Look up your options in the talent calculators before purchasing them.

The armory offers a convenient method for researching and building effective talents within your character.

From the moment you begin playing this popular game, make your first move a trip to the World of Warcraft armory. The getting started page lays everything out so you can easily spot which information you need, from realm types to quests to monster basics. It even includes a handy glossary to help you with the game terminology.

Check the player to player section for details about Alterac Valley including what you need to do to win. It also includes tips on what to do before you venture in and how to proceed through the valley.

The World of Warcraft armory offers a wealth of information at your fingertips. by Cam Donaldson

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Using the type of XML tags in XML

gives users a convenient method for storing structured data in an easy to use, a file size. You can create your own tag names meaningful to specify exactly how the data is identified. You can use the XML elements and attributes to specify exactly how data are represented. But how is ordered ... In some cases it may be reasonable to expect the order is not important. In other cases, a single command can be used forever. When the data may need to be sorted in various ways, each time you log in, you can use a label to create XSLT Sort exactly the result we need .

plan and organize their work using

either a text editor or an XML development environment for creating an XML document. For example :

Create an XSLT file that can be used to contain the type of labels. For example:

Or you can use the type of tags in XML. Sort

Add a label in the XSLT file. For example:

This article is written by Article generator. by Joe Keny

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