Sunday, April 5, 2009

Using the type of XML tags in XML

gives users a convenient method for storing structured data in an easy to use, a file size. You can create your own tag names meaningful to specify exactly how the data is identified. You can use the XML elements and attributes to specify exactly how data are represented. But how is ordered ... In some cases it may be reasonable to expect the order is not important. In other cases, a single command can be used forever. When the data may need to be sorted in various ways, each time you log in, you can use a label to create XSLT Sort exactly the result we need .

plan and organize their work using

either a text editor or an XML development environment for creating an XML document. For example :

Create an XSLT file that can be used to contain the type of labels. For example:

Or you can use the type of tags in XML. Sort

Add a label in the XSLT file. For example:

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